Campus features

An attractive campus develop the sense of learning among the students.

Attractive walls, laughing flowers and great enviornment

Welcome to Modern and clean infrastructure

The school does constantly efforts to make the campus learning , the walls of our campus speaks a lot of things to make the child worthy citizen of nation , enhance scientific approach , develop tolerance and secularism .we focus on , ‘education to all’ so every corner check the statement of the child to learn and give shape your carrier .

Attractive walls, laughing flowers, systematic and silent item, and sensible people motivate all to learn for future life here.

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Om shanti shiksha sadan is set on a beautiful , road facing campus in the safe area . Just 8k.m from Delhi border. Our students benefit from healthy environment and unique location. The campus is well serviced with major transport link from all surrounding.

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The Psychologists/Educationists have observed that students learn better by doing instead of cramming, keeping in mind ,the school has well designed Physics, Chemistry& Biology laboratories as per CBSE norms& with modern equipments where asses IV to XII students perform practical under the excellent supervision of the science teachers. Science lab equipment allows students to interact directly with the data gathered. Students are made to use the models & understand the different scientific theories & concepts. Om Shanti Shiksha Sadan has well equipped laboratories for imparting practical knowledge in Physics, Chemistry & Biology. The aim of Having separate labs is to provide ample time and adequate equipment for every student to perform experiments as per the CBSE guidelines.


Physics lab is well equipped with the instruments and apparatus to cater academic needs of the students. OM Shanti Shiksha Sadan Physics laboratory is spacious, well lighted & equipped with best of the apparatus. Laboratory itself to bring theory & practice together leading to Physics teachers take their regular classes within the better understanding & cognition of the underlying concepts.


Chemistry lab has in store with it all the most modern facilities. Each table is provided with sinks & gas connections & having separate values too. Chemistry laboratory is also spacious, well lighted and well equipped with best of the apparatus. Chemistry teachers take the regular classes in the chemistry laboratory itself, resulting in students getting exposed to both theory & practice simultaneously, leading to better understanding & cognition of the underlying concepts.

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Biology lab is equipped with well- equipped instruments, microscopes, slides. It gives relevant information about the unicellular & multicellular organism by keeping the specimens of multicellular organisms.


OM SHANTI SHIKSHA SADAN has Computer laboratory featuring over computer systems. These computer in the computer lab have been upgraded with appropriate software to enable students of classes XI & XII to compile & run the programs in C++,Python& other languages like JAVA, MyySQL etc Computer lab has facility of Coding Learning for students.

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