From the Director’s Desk……

We all know, a vast knowledge is lying beyond the textbooks. It is gathered through reading habits and self study but this has became a concern that burden of syllabus and textbooks, far the children for reading habits during the schooling days. We should motivate the child to develop reading habits and go through the Indian culture, heritage, values and Ideals of society. In this materialistic world, the Parents and teachers are feeling that the children have not adopting moral values, Idealism and even are not aware about Indian culture, Ethics, Values etc. It is truly said; “Great achievements require personal force, determined spirit and self confidence” but Om Shanti Shiksha Sadan abide and committed to the vision and inculcating moral values among the children. We strengthen the children in the sense of Patriotism, honesty and build up sound character so that they can make Indian Identity in the world and feel proud on Indian Ethics and values. Our goal to strength child’s knowledge encouraging reading habits of vast & rich literature and inculcate Indian Ethics and values.
Good Luck!!!

Yograj Bhardwaj